You Can Have Your Cake And White Hat, Too

NUMBER definition in the Cambridge English Dictionary Galois linked polynomial equations to group theory giving rise to the field of Galois theory. Random numbers, those that are representative of random selection procedures; and prime numbers, integers larger than 1 whose only positive divisors are themselves and 1. According to The Chicago Manual of Style (2003, p. 380), in nontechnical written contexts, whole numbers from one to one hundred should always be spelled out, and other whole numbers should be written in terms of numerals. In addition, when a number begins a sentence, it is always spelled out unless it appears awkward, in which case the sentence should be recast. In this work, numbers are sometimes spelled out and sometimes written numerically, depending on which appears clearer. Number.prototype.toPrecision() Returns a string representing the number to a specified precision in fixed-point or exponential notation. The word "number" is a general term which refe